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Founded by Academy Award®-winning actor and advocate Geena Davis, the Institute is the only research-based organization working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence the need to dramatically improve gender balance, reduce stereotyping and create diverse female characters in entertainment.



On independently produced films there is the perception of there being lower risk. I think there is a notion that women are not being hired as directors on big films because they are somehow riskier hires. The problem is that’s not how Hollywood works. There’s a growing list of male directors who are relative newbies and are placed at the helm of $100 million-plus films with little feature experience.

The lack of women making hiring decisions leads to a less diverse workforce. Evidence suggests that women in positions of power are more likely to employ other women. On films with female directors, women comprised 52% of writers, 35% of editors and 26% of cinematographers. When men directed, the number of female writers shrank to 8%, editors fell to 15% and cinematographers dropped to 5%. The same is true for directing opportunities. Women comprised 20% of directors on projects where at least a third of the producers were female, but just 7% of directors when the representation of female producers fell below that percentage.




Media plays an important role in inspiring entrepreneurship and providing a source of lessons learned for women in business. High-visibility stories about women who are on the rise or who have achieved big-time success are a testament to the public’s appetite for this narrative.



WATCH THE GETTING TO LAUNCH TRAILER. A show about what it takes to get to launch in the alluring startup world, as a woman. Each series will follow a different female founder launching in a distinct industry.

swoonery founder, jean poh and engineer gregor

swoonery founder, jean poh and engineer gregor

Ultimately this is a story of the underdog. On every side, and at every hour of the day, coming up against the relentless limitations of pioneer life. A modern day reflection of the American dream.

Each series will follow a different founder experience. Season one is Swoonery's Jean Poh, a fourth generation fine jewelry designer innovating the industry for artisans worldwide.


There’s no mystery about why women are underrepresented in the investor community, Jo Ann Corkran of Gold Seeds says. “If you make 77¢ on the dollar and you compound that over a lifetime, you end up with women having a lot less free cash flow.” Corkran is aware of the perception that women aren’t as comfortable with risk, but she doesn’t buy it. “They are as thoughtful and as willing to take a knowledgeable, considered risk as anybody else,” she says.